Upcoming Events

Please note, events are subject to change. Please check with the relevant promotions before travelling.

Domestic Event
Saturday 28th May 2022 17:30
Domestic Event
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DMC Domestic Event
Saturday 28th May 2022 17:00
DMC Domestic Event
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2022 King of Aghadowey
Saturday 18th June 2022 18:00
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2022 Neil Davison Memorial Trophy
Saturday 25th June 2022 18:30
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About This Website

The promoters, Spedeworth, HRP and DMC have came together to provide the drivers the playform to electronically submit tyre logs for upcoming race events.

The site will give drivers the opportunity to look back at their history, as well as seeing how many times each tyre has been logged.

Other drivers will also be able to view a drivers' history.

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